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    Company Overview

    Parkguard are a service provider to Local Authorities and Police. We design, implement and deliver a wide range of community safety services, either as a stand-a-lone or jointly delivered in partnership with various statutory services. Parkguard has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and a Police accredited company under the Police Reform Act 2002 since 2005. We hold accreditation for multiple police areas and operate in the Home Counties and London.

    Our services fall into two primary areas: Alternative approaches for specific local concerns such as gang exit programmes, youth diversion, outreach/harm reduction, education-based responses and dealing with irresponsible dog ownership and dangerous dogs. The second area is the design and subsequent delivery of what would be traditionally a public service on behalf of the Local Authority, such as community warden schemes, Parks Patrol Services, ASB Response Teams and Night Time Economy policing support.

    Our main activities included high-visibility patrolling to deter and disrupt offending. To gather information and intelligence to aid in efficient wider action, to promote community safety and target lower level nuisance and other forms of Anti-social Behaviour. The aim of our services is to support and enable wider action by authority and Police to then jointly achieve longer term solutions to community issues.

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    Head Office

    Telephone: 0845 467 3023
    Email: info@parkguard.co.uk

    Twitter: @parkguardltd (main feed) / @parkguard_NTE (nightsafe)


    Park Guard Accreditations

    Community Safety Accredited Company
    Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Approved Company
    Accredited by Essex Police
    Accredited by Hertfordshire Constabulary
    Accredited by Metropolitan Police
    Awarded Metropolitan Police Partner of the Year (NI)

    Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office
    ISO 14001 Registered Firm No. EM2000587 International Accreditation
    ISO 9001: 2008 Registered Firm No. GB 2004858
    ISO 18001 OHSAS: 2007OHSH Registered Firm
    Awarded London Living Wage Employer Mark